Art Related Blogs and Websites

Artcyclopedia – The Fine Art Search Engine

Art Unwashed

Bernard Safran – Painting, Photography

Blouin Artinfo

Embellished Skeleton

Lines and Colors

Metropolitan Museum of Art

Painting Stuff to Look Like Stuff

Serena Malyon – Illustration

The Art Newspaper

The Secret City

This Is Colossal

Pinterest – posted images from this blog under My Artsy Odyssey

Included Just Because I like it:

Daily Coyote


1 thought on “Links

  1. Hi Betty,
    I live on Gard Avenue in Armour Villa, the section of Bronxville where you grew up. I am editor of our little neighborhood newsletter, The Villa Voice, and would love to send you a copy. I recently wrote about Feodor Rojankovsky’s years here and have gotten to know his daughter, Tanya, through email. She is the person who turned me on to your blog. Several of my older neighbors used to pose for your father when he did those Time magazine covers, and I am friends with Monna MacLellan, from whom you got Babby. She’s in her mid-80s now.
    Since I am very interested in history and art, particularly in Armour Villa, I would love to chat with you more about growing up here. Tanya says your father took lots of photos, so I am hoping he took several snapshots of this neighborhood back when, and that you might share them with us. If you would send me your email address, I would love to correspond with you about your formative years in this neighborhood.
    Thank you.

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